Our Mission

BitterSweet Outdoors Mission is to take our followers and friends with the BitterSweet Outdoors Team as they travel the Country making memories in the Outdoors. We will strive to be relatable by sharing realistic hunts, fishing trips, and family activities. Staying genuine, to who we are and the passion and love that was installed in us that caused us to fall in love with the Outdoors and it's traditions and heritages. BitterSweet Outdoors is committed to being active in our community by participating and experiencing memories with our Youth, First Time Hunters, Veterans, Women, and Special Event Hunts.

BitterSweet Outdoors will not be typical, staged, or unrealistic, but we will work hard to produce a Television show that is real, genuine, filled with emotion, while representing out Partners with integrity honesty, and work diligently to exceed their expectations from BitterSweet Outdoors.

Our Fath, Family, Freedom and Hard Work is the foundation on witch BitterSweet Outdoors is built on. These are the values and principals that will be displayed as we work cohesively with the other great Brands in this industry to insure the Traditions and Heritage of what we have developed a passion for, which is our drive to the pursuance of happiness by Hunting and Fishing in the place we call home, the Outdoors.

Our Team

Scotty Stults
TJ Plunkett
Jearl Ballard
Jordan Grunau
Brett Howard
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